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Tissue-specific expression of Cas9 has no impact on whole-body metabolism in four transgenic mouse lines.

Simon T Bond, Aowen Zhuang, Christine Yang, Eleanor AM Gould, Tim Sikora, Yingying Liu, Ying Fu, Kevin I Watt, Yanie Tan, Helen Kiriazis, Graeme I Lancaster, Paul Gregorevic, Darren C Henstridge, Julie R McMullen, Peter J Meikle, Anna C Calkin, Brian G Drew

Mol Metab | Published : 2021


OBJECTIVE: CRISPR/Cas9 technology has revolutionized gene editing and fast tracked our capacity to manipulate genes of interest for the benefit of both research and therapeutic applications. Whilst many advances have, and continue to be made in this area, perhaps the most utilized technology to date has been the generation of knockout cells, tissues and animals. The advantages of this technology are many fold, however some questions still remain regarding the effects that long term expression of foreign proteins such as Cas9, have on mammalian cell function. Several studies have proposed that chronic overexpression of Cas9, with or without its accompanying guide RNAs, may have deleterious ef..

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