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Iterative LP-based Methods for the Multiperiod Optimal Electricity and Gas Flow Problem

S Mhanna, I Saedi, P Mancarella

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | Published : 2021


This paper introduces two novel iterative methods for efficiently solving the multiperiod optimal electricity and gas flow (MOEGF) problem. The first is an iterative MILP-based method and the second is an iterative LP-based heuristic. The convergence of the two approaches is founded on two key features. The first is a penalty term with a single, automatically tuned, parameter for controlling the step size of the gas network iterates. The second is a sequence of supporting hyperplanes together with an increasing number of carefully constructed halfspaces for controlling the convergence of the electricity network iterates. Unlike the first method, which invokes a branch-and-bound algorithm to ..

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