Journal article

Seedling diversity in actively and passively restored tropical forest understories.

Jarrah Wills, John Herbohn, Jessie Wells, Maria Opelia Maranguit Moreno, Angela Ferraren, Jennifer Firn

Ecol Appl | Published : 2021


Alternative methods for restoring tropical forests influence the ecological processes that shape recruitment of understory species. In turn, the traits of species recruited will influence the ecological processes the forests provide now and over the long term. We assess the phylogenetic and functional structure of seedlings beneath monoculture plantations, mixed-species plantations (both active restoration) and regenerating selectively logged native forests (passive restoration), considering traits of specific leaf area (SLA, including within-species variation), leaf nitrogen and phosphorus content, life-form, potential plant height, and dispersal type. Monoculture plantations comprised seed..

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