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Development of a free radical scavenging bacterial consortium to mitigate oxidative stress in cnidarians

Ashley M Dungan, Dieter Bulach, Heyu Lin, Madeleine JH van Oppen, Linda L Blackall



Corals are colonized by symbiotic microorganisms that profoundly influence the animal's health. One noted symbiont is a single-celled alga (in the dinoflagellate family Symbiodiniaceae), which provides the coral with most of its fixed carbon. Thermal stress increases the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by Symbiodiniaceae during photosynthesis. ROS can both damage the algal symbiont's photosynthetic machinery and inhibit its repair, causing a positive feedback loop for the toxic accumulation of ROS. If not scavenged by the antioxidant network, excess ROS may trigger a signaling cascade ending with the coral host and algal symbiont disassociating in a process known as bleaching. We..

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