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Debriefing immediately after intubation in a children's emergency department is feasible and contributes to measurable improvements in patient safety

Domenic R Cincotta, Nuala Quinn, Joanne Grindlay, Stefano Sabato, Emmanuelle Fauteux-Lamarre, David Beckerman, Terry Carroll, Elliot Long



OBJECTIVE: In 2013, our intubations highlighted a safety gap - only 49% achieved first-pass success without hypoxia or hypotension. NAP4 recommended debriefing after intubation, but limited published methods existed. Primary aim is to implement a feasible process for immediate debriefing and feedback for emergency airway management. Secondary aims are to contribute to reduced frequency of adverse intubation-related events and implement qualitative improvements in patient safety through team reflection and feedback. METHODS: A component of a prospective quality improvement (QI) study over 4 years in the ED of the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. Debrief and feedback after intu..

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