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Distribution of Corneal TRPV1 and Its Association With Immune Cells During Homeostasis and Injury

Haihan Jiao, Jason J Ivanusic, Paul G McMenamin, Holly R Chinnery



Purpose: Given the role of corneal sensory nerves during epithelial wound repair, we sought to examine the relationship between immune cells and polymodal nociceptors following corneal injury. Methods: Young C57BL/6J mice received a 2 mm corneal epithelial injury. One week later, corneal wholemounts were immunostained using β-tubulin-488, TRPV1 (transient receptor potential ion channel subfamily V member-1, a nonselective cation channel) and immune cell (MHC-II, CD45 and CD68) antibodies. The sum length of TRPV1+ and TRPV1- nerve fibers, and their spatial association with immune cells, was quantified in intact and injured corneas. Results: TRPV1+ nerves account for ∼40% of the nerve fiber le..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Yuka Okado and Shizuya Saika from Department of Ophthalmology, Wakayama Medical University for the generous gift of TRPV1 knockout mouse eyes. The authors thank the Florey Advanced Microscopy Facility at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health and the University of Melbourne for provision of confocal microscopes and technical advice. We thank Daniel Poole from Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences for general guidance and early discussions of the project. Supported by National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant (HRC; APP1126540). HJ designed the experiments, analyzed data, and wrote the manuscript. JJI, PGM, and HRC contributed to the project conceptual design. HRC designed the experiments and provided the project funding support. All authors contributed to revising the manuscript, and approved the final submitted version. Diclosure: H. Jiao, None; J.J. Ivanusic, None; P.G. McMenamin, None; H.R. Chinnery, None