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A lithium-isotope perspective on the evolution of carbon and silicon cycles

Boriana Kalderon-Asael, Joachim AR Katchinoff, Noah J Planavsky, Ashleigh Von S Hood, Mathieu Dellinger, Eric J Bellefroid, David S Jones, Axel Hofmann, Frantz Ossa Ossa, Francis A Macdonald, Chunjiang Wang, Terry T Isson, Jack G Murphy, John A Higgins, A Joshua West, Malcolm W Wallace, Dan Asael, Philip AE Pogge von Strandmann

NATURE | NATURE RESEARCH | Published : 2021


The evolution of the global carbon and silicon cycles is thought to have contributed to the long-term stability of Earth's climate1-3. Many questions remain, however, regarding the feedback mechanisms at play, and there are limited quantitative constraints on the sources and sinks of these elements in Earth's surface environments4-12. Here we argue that the lithium-isotope record can be used to track the processes controlling the long-term carbon and silicon cycles. By analysing more than 600 shallow-water marine carbonate samples from more than 100 stratigraphic units, we construct a new carbonate-based lithium-isotope record spanning the past 3 billion years. The data suggest an increase i..

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