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DNA repair pathways and their therapeutic potential in lung cancer

Joshua T Burgess, Laura V Croft, Nathan C Wallace, Sally-Anne Stephenson, Mark N Adams, Nicholas W Ashton, Benjamin Solomon, Ken O’Byrne, Derek J Richard

Lung Cancer Management | Future Medicine Ltd | Published : 2014


SUMMARY:  Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality. According to WHO, 1.37 million deaths occur globally each year as a result of this disease. More than 70% of these cases are associated with prior tobacco consumption and/or cigarette smoking, suggesting a direct causal relationship. The development and progression of lung cancer and other malignancies involves the loss of genetic stability, resulting in acquisition of cumulative genetic changes; this affords the cell increased malignant potential. As such, an understanding of the mechanisms through which these events may occur will potentially allow for development of new anticancer therapies. This review will address ..

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