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Microbiota control of maternal behavior regulates early postnatal growth of offspring.

Yujung Michelle Lee, Andre Mu, Martina Wallace, Jivani M Gengatharan, Annalee J Furst, Lars Bode, Christian M Metallo, Janelle S Ayres

Sci Adv | Published : 2021


Maternal behavior is necessary for optimal development and growth of offspring. The intestinal microbiota has emerged as a critical regulator of growth and development in the early postnatal period life. Here, we describe the identification of an intestinal Escherichia coli strain that is pathogenic to the maternal-offspring system during the early postnatal stage of life and results in growth stunting of the offspring. However, rather than having a direct pathogenic effect on the infant, we found that this particular E. coli strain was pathogenic to the dams by interfering with the maturation of maternal behavior. This resulted in malnourishment of the pups and impaired insulin-like growth ..

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