Journal article

Snapchat vs. Facebook: Differences in problematic use, behavior change attempts, and trait social reward preferences.

Dar Meshi, Ofir Turel, Dan Henley

Addict Behav Rep | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


Introduction: Facebook and Snapchat employ different features for encouraging repeated, reinforced use of their platforms. Importantly, this repeated use can become maladaptive and problematic. We sought to understand differences between these platforms in regard to problematic use, and its motivations and outcomes. We specifically focused on trait social reward preferences as important yet overlooked motivations. We also focused on quit and use reduction attempts as important yet overlooked outcomes. Methods: Participants (N = 472) responded to an online survey that assessed their Snapchat and Facebook use, as well as trait social reward preferences. Results: Our findings, with individuals ..

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