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GhMYB7 promotes secondary wall cellulose deposition in cotton fibres by regulating GhCesA gene expression through three distinct cis-elements.

Junfeng Huang, Feng Chen, Yanjun Guo, Xinli Gan, Mingming Yang, Wei Zeng, Staffan Persson, Juan Li, Wenliang Xu

New Phytol | Published : 2021


Cotton fibre is the most important source for natural textiles. The secondary cell walls (SCWs) of mature cotton fibres contain the highest proportion of cellulose content (> 90%) in any plant. The onset and progression of SCW cellulose synthesis need to be tightly controlled to balance fibre elongation and cell wall deposition. However, regulatory mechanisms that control cellulose synthesis during cotton fibre growth remain elusive. Here, we conducted genetic and functional analyses demonstrating that the R2R3-MYB GhMYB7 controls cotton fibre cellulose synthesis. Overexpression of GhMYB7 in cotton sped up SCW cellulose biosynthesis in fibre cells, and led to shorter fibres with thicker wall..

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