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Effect of Aging on the Load-to-Failure of Molar Implant-Supported Monolithic Zirconia Crowns: A Laboratory Study.

Varun Garg, Roy B Judge, Jaafar Abduo, Joseph Ea Palamara

Int J Prosthodont | Published : 2021


PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of hydrothermal aging on the load to failure and number of cycles to failure of implant-supported monolithic zirconia molar crowns under cyclic loading. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty identical implant-supported monolithic zirconia crowns with molar morphology were produced. Half of the crowns were aged according to ISO standard 13356 to simulate 5 years in vivo. The non-aged crowns served as a control group. All crowns were subjected to cyclic loading with increasing increments of load until failure. The load to failure, the number of cycles to failure, and the failure pattern were determined for each crown. RESULTS: The load to failure values were 3,630 N (SD..

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