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Corrigendum to "High-Quality Assemblies for Three Invasive Social Wasps from the Vespula Genus".

Thomas WR Harrop, Joseph Guhlin, Gemma M McLaughlin, Elizabeth Permina, Peter Stockwell, Josh Gilligan, Marissa F Le Lec, Monica AM Gruber, Oliver Quinn, Mackenzie Lovegrove, Elizabeth J Duncan, Emily J Remnant, Jens Van Eeckhoven, Brittany Graham, Rosemary A Knapp, Kyle W Langford, Zev Kronenberg, Maximilian O Press, Stephen M Eacker, Erin E Wilson-Rankin Show all

G3 (Bethesda) | Published : 2021


In the originally published version of this manuscript, funding information and disclosures were omitted. The following information should have been included after the Acknowledgments section. Funding This project was supported by Genomics Aotearoa (to PKD) and the Biological Heritage National Science Challenge (to PJL) both funded by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (Hı¯kina Whakatutuki), Government of New Zealand, as well as US National Science Foundation Grant #1655963 and UC Riverside Seed Grant to JP and EWR; Dovetail Genomics Matching Funds Grant to JP. Availability of data and materials Raw reads are hosted in the NCBI Sequence Read Archive under accession PRJNA64335..

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Awarded by US National Science Foundation