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Frequency drift in MR spectroscopy at 3T

Steve CN Hui, Mark Mikkelsen, Helge J Zollner, Vishwadeep Ahluwalia, Sarael Alcauter, Laima Baltusis, Deborah A Barany, Laura R Barlow, Robert Becker, Jeffrey Berman, Adam Berrington, Pallab K Bhattacharyya, Jakob Udby Blicher, Wolfgang Bogner, Mark S Brown, Vince D Calhoun, Ryan Castillo, Kim M Cecil, Yeo Bi Choi, Winnie CW Chu Show all



PURPOSE: Heating of gradient coils and passive shim components is a common cause of instability in the B0 field, especially when gradient intensive sequences are used. The aim of the study was to set a benchmark for typical drift encountered during MR spectroscopy (MRS) to assess the need for real-time field-frequency locking on MRI scanners by comparing field drift data from a large number of sites. METHOD: A standardized protocol was developed for 80 participating sites using 99 3T MR scanners from 3 major vendors. Phantom water signals were acquired before and after an EPI sequence. The protocol consisted of: minimal preparatory imaging; a short pre-fMRI PRESS; a ten-minute fMRI acquisiti..

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