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Asymptotic correlations with corrections for the circular Jacobi β-ensemble

PJ Forrester, SH Li, AK Trinh

Journal of Approximation Theory | Elsevier BV | Published : 2021


Previous works have considered the leading correction term to the scaled limit of various correlation functions and distributions for classical random matrix ensembles and their β generalisations at the hard and soft edge. It has been found that the functional form of this correction is given by a derivative operation applied to the leading term. In the present work we compute the leading correction term of the correlation kernel at the spectrum singularity for the circular Jacobi ensemble with Dyson indices β=1,2 and 4, and also to the spectral density in the corresponding β-ensemble with β even. The former requires an analysis involving the Routh–Romanovski polynomials, while the latter is..

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