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Salt Transiently Inhibits Mitochondrial Energetics in Mononuclear Phagocytes.

Sabrina Geisberger, Hendrik Bartolomaeus, Patrick Neubert, Ralf Willebrand, Christin Zasada, Thomas Bartolomaeus, Victoria McParland, Dries Swinnen, Anneleen Geuzens, András Maifeld, Luka Krampert, Marion Vogl, Anja Mähler, Nicola Wilck, Lajos Markó, Ekin Tilic, Sofia K Forslund, Katrina J Binger, Johannes Stegbauer, Ralf Dechend Show all

Circulation | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Dietary high salt (HS) is a leading risk factor for mortality and morbidity. Serum sodium transiently increases postprandially but can also accumulate at sites of inflammation affecting differentiation and function of innate and adaptive immune cells. Here, we focus on how changes in extracellular sodium, mimicking alterations in the circulation and tissues, affect the early metabolic, transcriptional, and functional adaption of human and murine mononuclear phagocytes. METHODS: Using Seahorse technology, pulsed stable isotope-resolved metabolomics, and enzyme activity assays, we characterize the central carbon metabolism and mitochondrial function of human and murine mononuclear ..

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