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An Exact Sequential Linear Programming Algorithm for the Optimal Power Flow Problem

S Mhanna, P Mancarella

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems | Published : 2021


In the aim of leveraging the advantages of LP while retaining the accuracy of IPMs, this paper proposes a sequential linear programming (SLP) approach, consisting of a sequence of carefully constructed supporting hyperplanes and halfspaces, that is numerically demonstrated to converge on 135 test cases with up the 3375 buses to feasible high-quality solutions (i) without AC feasibility restoration (i.e., using LP solvers exclusively), (ii) in computation times generally within the same order of magnitude as those from a state-of-the-art NLP solver, and (iii) with robustness against the choice of starting point. In particular, the (relative) optimality gaps and the mean constraint violations ..

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