Journal article

Carbon myopia: The urgent need for integrated social, economic and environmental action in the livestock sector

Matthew Tom Harrison, Brendan Richard Cullen, Dianne Elizabeth Mayberry, Annette Louise Cowie, Franco Bilotto, Warwick Brabazon Badgery, Ke Liu, Thomas Davison, Karen Michelle Christie, Albert Muleke, Richard John Eckard



Livestock have long been integral to food production systems, often not by choice but by need. While our knowledge of livestock greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mitigation has evolved, the prevailing focus has been-somewhat myopically-on technology applications associated with mitigation. Here, we (1) examine the global distribution of livestock GHG emissions, (2) explore social, economic and environmental co-benefits and trade-offs associated with mitigation interventions and (3) critique approaches for quantifying GHG emissions. This review uncovered many insights. First, while GHG emissions from ruminant livestock are greatest in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC; globally, 66% of emis..

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