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Breast and Prostate Cancer Risks for Male BRCA1 and BRCA2 Pathogenic Variant Carriers Using Polygenic Risk Scores.

Daniel R Barnes, Valentina Silvestri, Goska Leslie, Lesley McGuffog, Joe Dennis, Xin Yang, Julian Adlard, Bjarni A Agnarsson, Munaza Ahmed, Kristiina Aittomäki, Irene L Andrulis, Adalgeir Arason, Norbert Arnold, Bernd Auber, Jacopo Azzollini, Judith Balmaña, Rosa B Barkardottir, Daniel Barrowdale, Julian Barwell, Muriel Belotti Show all

J Natl Cancer Inst | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Recent population-based female breast cancer and prostate cancer polygenic risk scores (PRS) have been developed. We assessed the associations of these PRS with breast and prostate cancer risks for male BRCA1 and BRCA2 pathogenic variant carriers. METHODS: 483 BRCA1 and 1,318 BRCA2 European ancestry male carriers were available from the Consortium of Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2 (CIMBA). A 147-single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) prostate cancer PRS (PRSPC) and a 313-SNP breast cancer PRS were evaluated. There were three versions of the breast cancer PRS, optimized to predict overall (PRSBC), estrogen-receptor (ER) negative (PRSER-) or ER-positive (PRSER+) breast cancer ..

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