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Resuscitation status and characteristics and outcomes of patients transferred from subacute care to acute care hospitals: A multi-site prospective cohort study.

Maryann Street, Trisha Dunning, Tracey Bucknall, Alison M Hutchinson, Helen Rawson, Anastasia F Hutchinson, Mari Botti, Maxine M Duke, Mohammadreza Mohebbi, Julie Considine

J Clin Nurs | Published : 2020


AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To examine the relationship between resuscitation status and (i) patient characteristics; (ii) transfer characteristics; and (iii) patient outcomes following an emergency inter-hospital transfer from a subacute to an acute care hospital. BACKGROUND: Patients who experience emergency inter-hospital transfers from subacute to acute care hospitals have high rates of acute care readmission (81%) and in-hospital mortality (15%). DESIGN: This prospective, exploratory cohort study was a subanalysis of data from a larger case-time-control study in five Health Services in Victoria, Australia. There were 603 transfers in 557 patients between August 2015 and October 2016. The study..

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