Journal article

A Compound Class of the Inverse Gamma and Power Series Distributions

Pilar A Rivera, Enrique Calderin-Ojeda, Diego I Gallardo, Hector W Gomez

SYMMETRY-BASEL | MDPI | Published : 2021


In this paper, the inverse gamma power series (IGPS) class of distributions asymmetric is introduced. This family is obtained by compounding inverse gamma and power series distributions. We present the density, survival and hazard functions, moments and the order statistics of the IGPS. Estimation is first discussed bymeans of the quantilemethod. Then, an EMalgorithmis implemented to compute the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters. Moreover, a simulation study is carried out to examine the effectiveness of these estimates. Finally, the performance of the new class is analyzed by means of two asymmetric real data sets.

University of Melbourne Researchers