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Correction to: Neutropenia and intellectual disability are hallmarks of biallelic and de novo CLPB deficiency.

Saskia B Wortmann, Szymon Ziętkiewicz, Sergio Guerrero-Castillo, René G Feichtinger, Matias Wagner, Jacqui Russell, Carolyn Ellaway, Dagmara Mróz, Hubert Wyszkowski, Denisa Weis, Iris Hannibal, Celina von Stülpnagel, Alfredo Cabrera-Orefice, Uta Lichter-Konecki, Jenna Gaesser, Randy Windreich, Kasiani C Myers, Robert Lorsbach, Russell C Dale, Søren Gersting Show all

Genet Med | Published : 2021


Unfortunately the funding information was not given. Funding is as follows: This work was funded by the ERA PerMed project PerMiM (Austrian Science Fund FWF, I4704-B) to S.B.W. This study was supported by a “Sonata Bis 5” grant of the National Science Center Poland (2015/18/E/NZ1/00673) to S.Z. and D.M.