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The Psychological Experience of Frontline Perioperative Health Care Staff in Responding to COVID-19: Qualitative Study.

Toni Withiel, Elizabeth Barson, Irene Ng, Reny Segal, Daryl Lindsay Goulding Williams, Roni Benjamin Krieser, Keat Lee, Paul Mario Mezzavia, Teresa Sindoni, Yinwei Chen, Caroline Anne Fisher

JMIR Perioper Med | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented immeasurable challenges to health care workers who remain at the frontline of the pandemic. A rapidly evolving body of literature has quantitatively demonstrated significant psychological impacts of the pandemic on health care workers. However, little is known about the lived experience of the pandemic for frontline medical staff. OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to explore the qualitative experience of perioperative staff from a large trauma hospital in Melbourne, Australia. METHODS: Inductive thematic analysis using a critical realist approach was used to analyze data from 9 semistructured interviews. RESULTS: Four k..

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