Book Chapter

Summary: Executive decision synthesis paradigm

V Tang, K Otto, W Seering

Contributions to Management Science | Published : 2018


We have two goals for this chapter. The first is to present a summary of the key ideas of our prescriptive decision paradigm. Second is to state the overarching concepts of our paradigm. These concepts are “like the skeleton, which, invisible to the naked eye, gives form and function to the body” (Morgenthau, Politics among nations. Alferd A. Knopf, 1960). These concepts are faintly visible throughout the book, but they form the skeleton of our book. We must be clear that we are making no claims about paradigm as theory. We are grounded on theory, but we are not building theory. Third, we will argue that we a rigorous paradigm. To demonstrate rigor, we submit our paradigm to tests of theory ..

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