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3D landmarks of Craniofacial Imaging and subsequent considerations on superimpositions in orthodontics-The Aarhus perspective

Paolo M Cattaneo, Augustine KC Yung, Annemarie Holm, Omar M Mashaly, Marie A Cornelis



OBJECTIVE: (a) To evaluate intra- and inter-observer reliability in landmarks placement along the three planes of space on cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) data sets; (b) To evaluate whether the reliability of each landmark differs in CBCT scans characterized by two different voxel dimension and quality. SETTING AND SAMPLE POPULATION: A total of 84 scans were used in this study: 49 scans were taken with the NewTom 3G, and 35 scans were taken with the NewTom 5G. The scans were characterized by an isotropic voxel dimension of 0.36 and 0.30 mm for the NewTom 3G and the NewTom 5G, respectively. METHODS: A total of 13 landmarks were placed according to the corresponding definitions in 3D, als..

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