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Does orthodontic loading influence bone mineral density around titanium miniplates? An experimental study in dogs

MA Cornelis, P Mahy, JP Devogelaer, HJ De Clerck, C Nyssen-Behets



OBJECTIVES: To evaluate whether orthodontic loading has an effect on miniplate stability and bone mineral density (BMD) around the screws supporting those miniplates. SETTING AND SAMPLE POPULATION: Two miniplates were inserted in each jaw quadrant of 10 dogs. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Two weeks later, coil springs were placed between the miniplates of one upper quadrant and between those of the contralateral lower quadrant. The other miniplates remained non-loaded. The dogs were sacrificed 7 or 29 weeks after surgery, and the jaws were scanned with peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) to assess BMD. RESULTS: The success rate was not significantly different for the loaded and the no..

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