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An in vitro assessment of the influences of different wire materials and bracket systems when correcting dental crowding.

Ana Carla Raphaelli Nahás-Scocate, Marcos Bitencourt Neves, Lucas Torres de Souza, Alline de Cerqueira Kasaz, Eduardo Listik, Hélio Doyle Pereira da Silva, Paolo Maria Cattaneo, Marcos Coral Scocate, Dimorvan Bordin, Murilo Matias

J Mater Sci Mater Med | Published : 2020


A recently developed orthodontic wire alloy known as GUMMETAL® is claimed to deliver more physiological forces to correct dental mispositioning. However, its mechanical characteristics have not been fully characterized yet. This study aimed to determine and compare the elastic properties of different wire alloys, such as nickel-titanium (NiTi), stainless steel (SS), and GUMMETAL®, and assess their unloading forces when combined with either conventional or self-ligating brackets (CL and SL) when correcting dental crowding. All wires had a 0.016″ cross-section diameter. A three-point bending test was performed to assess the maximum deflection of each wire. Then, a subsequent analysis measured ..

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