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Multiscale temporal variability and regional patterns in 555 years of conterminous US streamflow

Michelle Ho, Upmanu Lall, Xun Sun, Edward R Cook



The development of paleoclimate streamflow reconstructions in the conterminous United States (CONUS) has provided water resource managers with improved insights into multidecadal and centennial scale variability that cannot be reliably detected using shorter instrumental records. Paleoclimate streamflow reconstructions have largely focused on individual catchments limiting the ability to quantify variability across the CONUS. The Living Blended Drought Atlas (LBDA), a spatially and temporally complete 555 year long paleoclimate record of summer drought across the CONUS, provides an opportunity to reconstruct and characterize streamflow variability at a continental scale. We explore the valid..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Our thanks go to Benjamin I. Cook for providing us with a copy of the updated LBDA data set; Indrani Pal and Tara Troy for their helpful suggestions and informative discussions; and Pierre Gentine and Dali Plavsic for assistance in running the cross validation computations. We also thank the Associate Editor and three anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments that enabled us to clarify and improve the paper. Reconstruction results are available on the NOAA paleoclimate data base (URL: Streamflow data are from U.S. Geological Survey [2011] available from This work is funded by an NSF award 1360446. Lamont-Doherty contribution number 8101.