Journal article

Reassessing the Necessity of the Drying Step in Hummer's Method for Graphene Oxide Synthesis

DE Glass, V Galvan, GKS Prakash

Electroanalysis | Published : 2021


The necessity of drying the graphene oxide suspension (GOsus) using Hummer's Method to produce graphene oxide (GO) powder was studied. The undried GOsus was compared to the dried GO. The GO materials were used as Pt supports via NaBH4 reduction for O2 reduction. XRD patterns showed similar d-spacing in both while the half-cell tests of the Pt/rGOsus and Pt/rGO catalysts were similar. GOsus film, deposited onto Toray Carbon Paper and electrochemically reduced in aq. H2SO4 was tested as a capacitor. The suspension and dried graphene-based capacitor showed similar XRD and XPS patterns and the erGOsus capacitor displayed increased capacitance.

University of Melbourne Researchers