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Change in the prevalence of myopia in Australian middle-aged adults across 20 years

David A Mackey, Gareth Lingham, Samantha Sze-Yee Lee, Michael Hunter, Diane Wood, Alex W Hewitt, Paul Mitchell, Hugh R Taylor, Christopher J Hammond, Seyhan Yazar



BACKGROUND: The prevalence of myopia is increasing globally including in Europe and parts of Asia but Australian data are lacking. This study aim described the change in myopia prevalence in middle-aged Australian adults over approximately a 20-year period. METHODS: Two contemporary Western Australian studies (conducted in mid-late 2010s): the coastal-regional Busselton Healthy Ageing Study (BHAS) and the urban Gen1 of the Raine Study (G1RS) were compared to two earlier studies (early-mid 1990s) in Australia: the urban Blue Mountains Eye Study (BMES) and urban/regional Melbourne Visual Impairment Project (MVIP). Refractive error was measured by autorefraction, vertometry, or subjective refra..

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Awarded by Department of Health, Government of Western Australia

Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council

Awarded by Victorian Health Promotion Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

Ansell Ophthalmology Foundation; Australian Department of Health; City of Busselton; Department of Health, Government of Western Australia, Grant/Award Number: G02016BHS; Dorothy Edols Estate; Estate of the late Janet Elder; Housing and Community Services, Grant/Award Number: RADGAC grant; Jack Brockhoff Foundation; Lions Eye Institute; National Health and Medical Research Council, Grant/Award Numbers: 1084947, 1154518, 950612; Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia; Save Sight Institute; The University of Western Australia; University of Sydney; Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Grant/Award Number: 95-0252; Western Sector Public Health Unit