Journal article

Impact of personal genomic risk information on melanoma prevention behaviors and psychological outcomes: a randomized controlled trial

Amelia K Smit, Martin Allen, Brooke Beswick, Phyllis Butow, Hugh Dawkins, Suzanne J Dobbinson, Kate L Dunlop, David Espinoza, Georgina Fenton, Peter A Kanetsky, Louise Keogh, Michael G Kimlin, Judy Kirk, Matthew H Law, Serigne Lo, Cynthia Low, Graham J Mann, Gillian Reyes-Marcelino, Rachael L Morton, Ainsley J Newson Show all



PURPOSE: We evaluated the impact of personal melanoma genomic risk information on sun-related behaviors and psychological outcomes. METHODS: In this parallel group, open, randomized controlled trial, 1,025 Australians of European ancestry without melanoma and aged 18-69 years were recruited via the Medicare database (3% consent). Participants were randomized to the intervention (n = 513; saliva sample for genetic testing, personalized melanoma risk booklet based on a 40-variant polygenic risk score, telephone-based genetic counseling, educational booklet) or control (n = 512; educational booklet). Wrist-worn ultraviolet (UV) radiation dosimeters (10-day wear) and questionnaires were administ..

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