Journal article

MR1 encompasses at least six allele groups with coding region alterations

Erik Rozemuller, Sidonia Barbara Guiomar Eckle, Ian McLaughlin, Maarten Penning, Wietse Mulder, Helma de Bruin, Sake van Wageningen

HLA | WILEY | Published : 2021


Unlike classical HLA class I genes, MR1 is assumed to have limited polymorphic positions. We developed a MR1 specific PCR assay and sequenced 56 DNA samples from cells with a diverse set of HLA genotypes. In this relatively small panel we found six allele groups encoding for different MR1 proteins. The two most frequent allele groups found in this panel had a frequency of 71% (MR1*01) and 25% (MR1*02), respectively. Moreover, the panel contained many intronic SNPs and silent variants, with individual samples containing up to 15 heterozygous positions. The data presented here is consistent with marked variation in MR1.

University of Melbourne Researchers