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One and a half million hematopoietic stem cell transplants: continuous and differential improvement in worldwide access with the use of non-identical family donors.

Dietger Niederwieser, Helen Baldomero, Nosa Bazuaye, Caitrin Bupp, Naeem Chaudhri, Selim Corbacioglu, Alaa Elhaddad, Cristóbal Frutos, Sebastian Galeano, Nada Hamad, Amir Ali Hamidieh, Shahrukh Hashmi, Aloysius Ho, Mary M Horowitz, Minako Iida, Gregorio Jaimovich, Amado Karduss, Yoshihisa Kodera, Nicolaus Kröger, Regis Péffault de Latour Show all

Haematologica | Published : 2021


The Worldwide Network of Blood and Marrow Transplantation (WBMT) pursues the mission of promoting hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) for instance by evaluating activities through member societies, national registries and individual centers. In 2016, 82,718 first HCTs were reported from 1662 HCT teams in 86 of the 195 World Health Organization member states representing a global increase of 6.2% in autologous and 7.0% in allogeneic HCT and bringing the total to 1,298,897 procedures. Assuming a frequency of 84,000/year, 1.5 million HCTs had been performed by 2019 from 1957. Slightly more autologous (53.5%) than allogeneic and more related (53.6%) than unrelated HCTs were reported. A rema..

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