Conference Proceedings

Comparative Studies on Cost, Reliability and Resilience of Off-Grid Energy Systems

W Li, M Galeela, M Panteli, EA Martinez Cesena, P Mancarella

2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, PowerTech 2021 - Conference Proceedings | IEEE | Published : 2021


Rural electrification is critical for the social and economic development of developing countries. Off-grid energy systems are attractive solutions for rural electrification which may offer technical and economic benefits compared with network expansion. However, given the conditions in remote areas, off-grid energy systems are often exposed to high impact and low probability (HILP) events such as natural hazards. This is an issue as off-grid planning practices traditionally focus on average performance reliability indicators, and neglect studying resilience to HILP events. This paper proposes a practical off-grid assessment framework which brings together average and risk performance indice..

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