Conference Proceedings

Closed-Form Solutions for a Low-Order System Fast Frequency Response Model

J Susanto, A Fereidouni, P Mancarella, D Sharafi

2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, PowerTech 2021 - Conference Proceedings | IEEE | Published : 2021


This paper presents a novel closed-form solution for a low-order system frequency response (SFR) model that is accurate for all time periods and an accompanying approximation for representing primary frequency responses at two different speeds while still maintaining mathematical tractability. This allows for the inclusion of both fast frequency responses (e.g. from battery energy storage systems) and more conventional responses (e.g. from thermal generation) in a single SFR formulation. The closed-form expressions can be efficiently used in applications that use the SFR model such as frequency stability studies and security-constrained unit commitment (SCUC) studies.