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Immunodiagnostic usefulness of monoclonal antibodies specific to conformational epitopes of Taenia solium oncosphere protein TSOL18

Emmanuel Assana, Andre Pagnah Zoli, Charles G Gauci, Marshall W Lightowlers, Pierre Dorny



Taenia solium oncosphere protein TSOL18 is the host-protective antigen against porcine cysticercosis. Little attention has been given to use it as target molecule in immunodiagnostic tests. The objective of this paper is to describe the immunodiagnostic potential of monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) raised against conformational epitopes of TSOL18. Three murine IgG1 MoAbs (25D12C1, 21C2D2, 10H1F2) against three different conformational epitopes of TSOL18 were produced and evaluated with an inhibition enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (i-ELISA) for the detection of anti-TSOL18 and anti-oncosphere antibodies. Serum samples from pigs immunized with TSOL18 inhibited the binding of the three MoAbs to..

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Awarded by Wellcome Trust, Animal Health in the Developing World Grant

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful to the Wellcome Trust, Animal Health in the Developing World Grant 075818 for the funding. Lea Brys (Free Uni-versity of Brussels, Belgium) provided methodical and procedural assistance for the production of monoclonal antibodies.