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Making more effective use of human behavioural science in conservation interventions

A Balmford, RB Bradbury, JM Bauer, S Broad, G Burgess, M Burgman, H Byerly, S Clayton, D Espelosin, PJ Ferraro, B Fisher, EE Garnett, JPG Jones, TM Marteau, M Otieno, S Polasky, TH Ricketts, C Sandbrook, K Sullivan-Wiley, R Trevelyan Show all

Biological Conservation | Published : 2021


Conservation is predominantly an exercise in trying to change human behaviour – whether that of consumers whose choices drive unsustainable resource use, of land managers clearing natural habitats, or of policymakers failing to deliver on environmental commitments. Yet conservation research and practice have made only limited use of recent advances in behavioural science, including more novel behaviour change interventions. Instead conservationists mostly still rely on traditional behaviour change interventions – education, regulation and material incentivisation – largely without applying recent insights from behavioural science about how to improve such approaches. This paper explores how ..

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