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Enablers and challenges when engaging local communities for urban biodiversity conservation in Australian cities

Lucy Taylor, Cecily J Maller, Kylie Soanes, Cristina E Ramalho, Abhilasha Aiyer, Kirsten M Parris, Caragh G Threlfall



Across all landscape types, environmental managers work with communities to conserve biodiversity. The effectiveness of conservation practice, however, relies on acknowledging differences in preferences and values of nature. Implementing urban conservation is challenging because cities have diverse social, cultural and ecological attributes, meaning there are no simple solutions for the management or co-management of biodiversity. There is little guidance for urban environmental managers on how to 1) engage local urban communities and 2), implement conservation actions specific to cities and their communities. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 27 environmental managers from govern..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Fellowship

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the interviewees for participating in this research and sharing their time, insights and experiences. We thank INDIGI LAB and Luke Briscoe for their report (Briscoe & Roberts, 2019) that informed this project, in addition to useful discussions with Professor Dieter Hochuli. This research was supported by the Australian Government's National Environmental Science Program through the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub and the Threatened Species Recovery Hub. LT was supported by a University of Melbourne Faculty of Science grant awarded to CGT. CGT is also supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Fellowship (DE200101226). AA was supported by a Denison student scholarship awarded by The University of Sydney.