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What We Learned from the Pandemic: Most of all, it taught us how to adapt under pressure

M Acuto, S Larcom, F Rauch, T Willems

IEEE Spectrum | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | Published : 2021


LIFE IS A HARD SCHOOL: First it gives us the test and only then the lesson. Indeed, throughout history humanity has learned much from disasters, wars, financial ruin- and pandemics. A scholarly literature has documented this process in fields as diverse as engineering, risk reduction, management, and urban studies. And it's already clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the arrival of the future along several dimensions. Remote working has become the new status quo in many sectors. Teaching, medical consulting, and court cases are expected to stay partly online. Delivery of goods to the consumer's door has supplanted many a retail storefront, and there are early signs that such deliver..

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