Book Chapter

Brexit’s Reshaping of Multinationals’ Regionalisation Strategies across Europe and Australia

Gabriele Suder, Andre Sammartino

The European Union: New Leadership and New Agendas | Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd | Published : 2021


While the world watches the continued crafting and consequences of Brexit, the EU has shown a slow, yet rather formidable, capacity and patience to support its remaining members as much as it accommodates the Brexiter. That is, the EU is demonstrating an ability to not only integrate but also de-integrate constructively and peacefully. In this chapter we argue this experience is an important example of globalisation’s propensity for ‘slow-balisation’, and, furthermore, should be viewed through the lens of how multinational enterprises (‘multinationals’) navigate ‘regionalisation’ as both an institution and a strategic choice. By using examples of various multinationals’ business activities a..

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