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Isoform Age - Splice Isoform Profiling Using Long-Read Technologies

Ricardo De Paoli-Iseppi, Josie Gleeson, Michael B Clark

Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences | Frontiers Media | Published : 2021


Alternative splicing (AS) of RNA is a key mechanism that results in the expression of multiple transcript isoforms from single genes and leads to an increase in the complexity of both the transcriptome and proteome. Regulation of AS is critical for the correct functioning of many biological pathways, while disruption of AS can be directly pathogenic in diseases such as cancer or cause risk for complex disorders. Current short-read sequencing technologies achieve high read depth but are limited in their ability to resolve complex isoforms. In this review we examine how long-read sequencing (LRS) technologies can address this challenge by covering the entire RNA sequence in a single read and t..

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