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Gambling-Related Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: A Grounded Theory Model of Individual and Relationship Determinants

Nerilee Hing, Catherine O'Mullan, Elaine Nuske, Helen Breen, Lydia Mainey, Annabel Taylor, Nancy Greer, Rebecca Jenkinson, Anna Thomas, Jamie Lee, Alun Jackson



This study aimed to examine how problem gambling interacts with gendered drivers of intimate partner violence (IPV) against women to exacerbate this violence. Interviews were conducted with 48 female victims of IPV linked to a male partner's gambling; 24 female victims of IPV linked to their own gambling; and 39 service practitioners from 25 services. Given limited research into gambling-related IPV, but a stronger theoretical base relating to IPV against women, this study used an adaptive grounded theory approach. It engaged with existing theories on gendered drivers of violence against women, while also developing a grounded theory model of individual and relationship determinants based on..

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