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Isolation and Functional Characterization of Fusobacterium nucleatum Bacteriophage.

Mwila Kabwe, Teagan Brown, Heng Ku, Stuart Dashper, Joseph Tucci

Methods Mol Biol | Published : 2021


Bacteriophages are viruses that specifically lyse bacteria. They have demonstrated potential in applications as antibacterial agents in medicine, agriculture, and environmental remediation. Due to the complex and dynamic nature of the oral microbiome, antibiotic treatment of chronic, polymicrobial oral diseases may lead to dysbiosis. In these diseases, bacteriophages may provide targeted activity against oral bacteria without such disruption to the broader microbial community. In this chapter, we describe the methods for screening samples that may contain bacteriophages against oral pathogenic bacteria, and using the example of FNU1, the bacteriophage we isolated against Fusobacterium nuclea..

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