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Precipitation increases the abundance of fungal plant pathogens in Eucalyptus phyllosphere

Qing-Lin Chen, Hang-Wei Hu, Zhen-Zhen Yan, Chao-Yu Li, Bao-Anh Thi Nguyen, Yong-Guan Zhu, Ji-Zheng He



Understanding the current and future distributions of plant pathogens is critical to predict the plant performance and related economic benefits in the changing environment. Yet, little is known about the roles of environmental drivers in shaping the profiles of fungal plant pathogens in phyllosphere, an important habitat of microbiomes on Earth. Here, using a large-scale investigation of Eucalyptus phyllospheric microbiomes in Australia and the multiple linear regression model, we show that precipitation is the most important predictor of fungal taxonomic diversity and abundance. The abundance of fungal plant pathogens in phyllosphere exhibited a positive linear relationship with precipitat..

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