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Sensory and Physical Characteristics of M. biceps femoris from Older Cows Using Ginger Powder (Zingibain) and Sous Vide Cooking

Zahra B Naqvi, Peter C Thomson, Michael A Campbell, Sajid Latif, Jerrad F Legako, David M McGill, Peter C Wynn, Michael A Friend, Robyn D Warner

FOODS | MDPI | Published : 2021


This study aimed to evaluate the sensory and physical characteristics of zingibain-injected meat combined with sous vide cooking. M. biceps femoris (BF; n = 12) acquired from 6-7 year old Angus cows were cooked using the sous vide method at 65 °C, for 8 h or 12 h, either with ginger powder (GP) injected in a 2 g/L solution in water (treatment) or un-injected (control). The sensory attributes included flavour, juiciness, tenderness, and physicochemical characteristics were Warner-Bratzler shear (WBSF), hardness, total water content (TWC), cooking loss (CL) and collagen content. A significant improvement in tenderness with injection treatment and cooking time was observed, as evaluated through..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research article is a part of PhD thesis work funded through John Allwright Fellowship to Z.B.N. and the Tri-Faculty Open Access Fund, Charles Sturt University to cover the open access publication cost.