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A Force-resultant Model for Spudcans in Soft Clay and Application to Jack-up Push-over Analysis

Youhu Zhang, Britta Bienen, Mark Jason Cassidy

All Days | OTC | Published : 2012


Abstract With the development of the offshore oil and gas industry, mobile jack-updrilling platforms are increasingly required to operate in deeper waters andharsher environments. The improvement of the jack-up site-specific assessmentpractice is vital for safely meeting this demand. In soft clayey seabeds, thespudcan foundations of the jack-up platform penetrate deeply into the soil, andcomplete or partial backflow occurs. In recent years, a number of studies haveinvestigated the performance of spudcan foundations in soft clay to improve therelevant recommendations in the industry guideline published by SNAME. In thispaper, a brief review of recent research in this area is..

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