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Emotions and Positive Personality Change in Syrian-Origin Young Adults Who Have Recently Resettled in the Netherlands

Odilia M Laceulle, Kinan Alajak, Eva Alisic, Zeina Al Sawaf, Haza F Rahim, Renée Zonneveld, Joanne M Chung

Redesigning Research on Post-Traumatic Growth | Oxford University Press | Published : 2021


Around the world, the number of people who seek or have refugee status continues to increase. Despite the adverse experiences and challenges that many people who seek or have refugee status encounter, adversity is thought to promote growth in resilience, kindness, and humility. Little is known about how such positive personality development occurs, but one potential pathway is through emotions. Exposure to adversity may trigger a range of emotional experiences such as sorrow, guilt, trepidation, nostalgia, compassion, gratitude, and love. These emotional experiences, in turn, may drive personality change. Karakter is a 13-month longitudinal study examining how emotional experiences in everyd..

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