Book Chapter

Introduction: China’s rise and the new silk road in global context

M Van Der Wende, WC Kirby, N Cai Liu, S Marginson

China and Europe on the New Silk Road: Connecting Universities Across Eurasia | Published : 2020


The Introduction presents the conceptual framework of the research project: “The New Silk Road: Implications for higher education and research cooperation between China and Europe.” The areas of inquiry focused on are: the academic flows and activities emerging along the NSR; university responses and their rationales; the conditions under which activities are taking place; defined by whom, and the values underpinning the mission of the university in society. It places the NSR in global context: how China’s rise in science and higher education results in shifting global flows, impact, and rising tensions. It explores the evolving China–European relationship and concludes that while the idea o..

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