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Do Rates of Mental Health Symptoms in Currently Competing Elite Athletes in Paralympic Sports Differ from Non-Para-Athletes?

Lisa S Olive, Simon Rice, Matt Butterworth, Matti Clements, Rosemary Purcell



BACKGROUND: This study addresses the lack of comparative data on the mental health of athletes in Paralympic sports ('para-athletes') and non-para athletes by examining the prevalence and correlates of mental health symptoms in a national sample of elite athletes representative of the population from which it was drawn on age and para-status. METHODS: A cross-sectional, anonymous, online-survey was provided to all categorised (e.g. highest level) athletes, aged 17 years and older, registered with the Australian Institute of Sport (n = 1566). Measures included psychological distress, mental health caseness, risky alcohol consumption, body weight and shape dissatisfaction, self-esteem, life sa..

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