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Effect of shape of the stenosis on the hemodynamics of a stenosed coronary artery

Navid Freidoonimehr, Rey Chin, Anthony Zander, Maziar Arjomandi



In this study, the effect of the shape of the stenosis on the flow transition in an artery is investigated. Different shapes of the stenosis including round, oval, elongated, half-moon, bean-shape, and crescent with and without eccentricity at a constant degree of stenosis (73 %) are studied. A computational model, validated against the in-house Particle Image Velocimetry experimental results, is used to investigate the flow behavior. The results showed that the length of the jet region after the stenotic section varies significantly for different shapes of the stenosis. Based on the analysis of turbulent kinetic energy, power spectral density, and the spectral entropy of stream-wise velocit..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

Financial support for the project has been provided by the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship. The authors would like to thank the workshops of the School of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Adelaide. This work was supported with the supercomputing resources provided by the Phoenix HPC service at the University of Adelaide.